Nordic Aviation Group

Welcome to the unofficial site of AO Nordic Aviation Group

This is a new national air carrier of Estonia, which will be created by the government in soon instead of Estonian Air. The current national airlines is going bankrupt at the moment and it should be replaced with the new one, more lucky follower.

For the last three years European Commission has been considering whether a subsidy of Estonian Air is legal or not. And If the officers deem it illegal, Estonia should pay huge fines and the activity of the airline would be stopped. So Nordic Aviation Group comes to save the state from penalties. And the new company has already been added to the commercial register in Estonia.

AO Nordic Aviation Group is the state joint stock company, which will share capital of 40.7 million euros. The main objective of the new company will be to create a group of aviation and the construction of the structure within the group, which will serve aviation market in Estonia and to provide services to other aviation companies/

ТОО Transpordi Varahaldu is the owner of the future fleet of the new Estonian airline. But there is an opinion that Nordic Aviation Group inherits the major fleet style of work of its ancestor. It will fly to all popular european destinations, including two cities of Russian Federation and Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

Nordic Aviation Group